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Moving Sites Yet Again

May 7, 2010

So for quite some time now I have had the domain but never knew how to use it. I bought it from godaddy about 4yrs ago when they were running a sale and had hoped to figure out a way to use it with WordPress without paying a monthly fee. I never figured it out.

However, I have since found a site that would allow me to use it and am pleased to announce that you can now subscribe to my feed by going to

It will be a little bit different than the format you have been used to because along with it housing my random thoughts and posts, it will also be a place for me to pass along interesting videos, random facts, or anything else random that I might find funny.

Be sure to change your bookmarks and come on over to:


Future Me

January 14, 2010

I foresee me acting like this when I become a dad someday.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In My D-fence

January 6, 2010

Concerning my recent social media posts on the topics of Tebow, Scripture, and Alabama I think it might be time for me to explain myself, although I hate it that I should have to.

As a Christian some of the things I am called to do are:
  • Love my enemies. (Matthew 5:44)
  • Spur one another on toward love and good deeds. (Hebrews 10:24)
  • Not to tear down but to build up. (Ephesians 4:29)
Also, let's establish a few things:
  • I don't hate The University of Alabama. I highly respect Nick Saban as a coach. I think Mark Ingram is an incredibly humble class act.
  • What I hate is fans of football, who profess to be Christians, that allow football to create hatred, bitterness, and anxiety. This goes beyond just fans of Alabama but, since I live in the state, I am immersed in an area that is predominantly Alabama fans. 
  • I know there have been times when my own love for UNC basketball has created hatred, bitterness and anxiety during the basketball season and especially during the UNC/Duke games, so I too am not above the reason for this post.
  • A lot of my beef with this football season pretty much revolves around how people react to the word "Tebow". When it comes to football, I am a University of Georgia fan and the largest rivalry UGA has is with Florida. Ipso facto, I should hate Florida. Ipso facto, I should hate Tebow.
Recently I have grown tired of hearing about how I am an idiot for not hating Tim Tebow and hearing fellow Christians berate and curse a fellow brother in Christ. I don't claim to be above this kind of behavior. In fact, over this past year I have had to do a gut check on my own reaction to those who I would consider opponents of my favorite sports team. Unfortunately for my pride, I kept recalling the scripture that is paraphrased at the beginning of this post. I don't like recalling scripture that immediately makes me realize I should repent. That's not a fun feeling but it also means that I am doing something wrong.  

What simply blows me away is people's rationale for hating him. People supposedly hate Tim Tebow because the press is in love with him. That's like hating a deer that is mounted on someone's wall.  The deer didn't ask to be killed and then shown off as a trophy. People also claim that they would never want Tebow to play for their team. I have to laugh at that one. Let's take a step back and look at this one objectively. There is an NCAA football player that loves what he does, outwardly professes to be a Christian, gives back to society, does well academically, breaks records on the field, and seems to be a nice guy. Every fan would love to have a guy like that play for their team. If you disagree then you probably hate Christians and/or you don't like to win. I am not sure if there is another reason. Lastly, the thing that has confused me is hearing fellow Christians criticize him for posting scripture verses under his eyes during games. It is probably safe to assume that over his 4yr career he has had more people reaching for their Bible out of simple curiosity than I could ever hope for in my lifetime. 

Now I know that football does not revolve around Jesus and Christianity but Christians should also not revolve around football. Our attitude and actions should come from what the Word of God says and not how we will be perceived by fellow fans that may not comprehend our actions. Who knows, maybe they will become curious and our own actions will inspire many to open God's word. 

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I Love The Muppets

December 17, 2009

It's Christmas themed and it has Waldorf and Statler.

When I have kids, they will watch The Muppets.

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I’m Back

December 11, 2009

So it looks as though I have been MIA lately. Sorry for that. I did a lot of traveling for work during September and October but other than that I have no excuse. So to all my faithful readers (Hi mom and Katie), I’m back! We will see for how long.

I would say that a lot has happened since my last post.
On October 6th several of us went to see U2 in Atlanta and we were 5ft, if not closer, to the band at times.
It’s okay to be jealous.
On October 19th I decided that I really did not like a particular Infiniti G37x and so I decided to crash my car into the back of one.
Yeah, that’s a dealer tag on the back the Infiniti. It hadn’t even been sold yet.
In November we went car shopping which I quickly realized I hated and that my wife is quite the haggler. Got a new car.
SIKE! As if!
Just haven’t taken a picture of the new one.
Had a fun and unusual Thanksgiving where I learned that you can’t control everything but God is sovereign and has a plan (Jeremiah 29:11). It just might not be how we envisioned it (Isaiah 55:8).
All in all, things have been crazy and good. Great family. Great friends. Awesome God.
You stay classy.

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I’m Confused By This

September 22, 2009

What is supposed to happen in this designated area? Am I supposed to be washing my hands or flushing my hands?

Jeremy Dixon

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This is normal, right?

August 27, 2009

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